FCU File-Compare Utility


FCU is utility for comparing ASCII files and directories. Here is a screen shot (60K image) of the file compare view.

The compared files are displayed in two windows, in a third window the composed file is shown. The different sections are marked with a colored background. Using hotkeys you can easily insert or delete the different sections in the composed file. In addition it is possible to compare directories and show the Compare File View for each different files.

Sounds good?? - Just try it out, it's for free!! The current release Version is 1.2 build 27 April 2000. For information about what's new in version 1.2 please have a look at the ReadMe file.

There is also a beta version for download. The main new feature is the possibility to edit the merged file directly. As well some modifications were made to use FCU as the external diff program in WinCvs. You can download the beta versions from the download page.

Any suggestions? - You can send an E-Mail to gerhard@geherbert.de.

What's next? - Here is my TO-DO list.

Any questions? - Check the FCU Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to send me an E-Mail.