FCU Frequently asked Questions

1. When I try to start FCU a popup message is displayed: "Unable to locate DLL". Is there anything wrong with my installation?

FCU was compiled with Visual C++ 6.0 and uses MFC. You need to install the MSVCRT.DLL and MFC42.DLL on your computer. Make sure you get the latest versions! I did not ship these DLL's with the FCU delivery to reduce the size of the download files. The DLL's are not part of the Windows 95/98/NT operating system. You can download the latest versions from www.simtel.net.

2. The file compare works well but when I try to compare directories an empty list view is displayed.

In the View/Options dialog box there are check boxes for displaying the different files, left only, right only respective the identical files. Make sure you check all of them and try the compare file directory again. If the list view is still empty check if you have entered the right file mask in the compare directory dialog.

3. Is it possible to change the default hotkeys (Ctrl+R, Ctrl+L, etc.)?

Yes, most key bindings are customizable. Click on the "Tools/Customize/keyboard" menu. Unfortunately, the keys in the 'Command mode' are not customizable.

4. I'm using WinCvs. Is it possible to use FCU as the external diff program.

Yes it is! FCU can be started with command line parameters. In addition there is a handy option which makes it possible to use the same program instance for all file comparisons.

5. I use an other version control system whithout the possibility to use an external diff program. Can I still use FCU?

You could check out all your files in a separate directory and do a directory compare with your working directory. If your version control system can be used from a command line prompt you can even define user tools for checking files in or doing othe file operations.

6. I like the look and feel of FCU. Anyhow were can I send suggestions and how is it possible to get informed about new releases?

You can send your suggestions vie E-mail to fcu@smibe.com. I'll put you automatically on the FCU mailing list.Pleas check first the FCU To-Do list before sending suggestions.

FCU Gerhard Herbert, 2003